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Hey sorry guys, i’ve been pretty busy lately,

I’m trying to discover my new beautiful home and sleep, sleep, eat, eat, sleep, sleep, eat.. 😀 The flight went pretty well, I had a lovely time in Bangkok, so hot and so nice!!! You should go there for a holiday! Someone took care of me because I was a bit scared! After a very long and stressful flight, I finally arrived in Milano. I Had to wait and be cuddled by some people who I had no idea which language they were talking! (just later I realised that was ITALIAN!!!) btw, the people in Italy were so nice with me, Thank you!  haha. I’ve had to wait for so long, because my mummy and daddy were still in the sky. Not jealous at all, to be honest. I waaaas so happy to be on earth again hah.

It seemed to take forever, but not even for one second I thought they forgot about me. Just when I was at my saddest moment, I heard their voices! YEEEEEEESSS!!! I was so happy!!!!! Obviously my mum was whinging about something, (like always) and then they opened the door for her, and a pile of massive bags fell on her while she was trying to ran to me. Daddy was in the background laughing.. and he was so excited and happy to see me!

He decided to rescue mum and come to say hi to me! YAY I WAS SO HAPPY! I MISSED THEM SOOOO MUCH!!! 🙂 Finally they opened my travel bag and I had the best cuddles ever!!! *___* after that, we had to travel for another few hours before arriving to destination. At one point, a bit of a fat man, that they call “Pollo” (that I’ve learnt means chicken in italian…uuhh i love chicken…) arrived and hugged both of them. I WAS JEALOUS! so I guessed it was someone they knew. Just after a few hours I discovered that he was my personal chef! HAHAHAH Yes, the prince of pasta! thats great, coming to Italy and having a personal chef. I LLLOOOOVE IT! maybe his name has something to do with kitchen stuff… MAH!

Then he looked at me, and his big eyes were so sweet. he started to cuddle me. it was weird. I don’t think he ever cuddled a rat before, or a tiny animal like me! In the new house, there was an another person, the one who they call Grandma. She is my grandma. weird! she was a bit scared, just as much as me!

After couple of weeks finally everybody accepted me in the new place and I really think they like me! (how could they not!)

Like always, I have posted some pictures, of the flight!  🙂




Nearly thereee!

Hi human friends!

My time to fly is really close now, and I am a bit scared. Even though I don’t know what’s going to happen! My mum and dad and my grandparents drove me somewhere around the airport of Sydney. All of them were so sad. My mom was so scared and worried, but my dad was fine, he knew that everything was going to be fine! After they gave me my medicine, they left me in a big office.

I have to say that was a bit scary. New people, new smells. They put me in a special cage. (I was next to a cat, and I am terrified of cats; even if it was a very nice one…..) anyway, after that, it was still so early, around 9.45 am i think.

After a couple of hours i had my vet checks and get ready to fly to Bangkok! WHAT AN EXCITING DAY!!!!


Here are some pictures of me still in Sydney! Thank you to my JetPets new friends!! 🙂

image copy 2 image

I love my mommy and daddy! :D


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Hello dear readers from the human world!

seeing as the few (only two for now) posts I made were just about me, I would like now, to talk to you all about my parents!

When first we “met” i have to say that i was a bit scared. A wise man once said “There is no shame to admit your fears!” …. i think. Anyway, like I was saying, yes I was a bit scared.. they are way bigger than me and they smell like food (which is a good thing) and and and they have big, massive, gigantic hands and feet (ohh and just lately I realised, after few screams of pain that their feet and toes are attached to their bodies.. useless to try to bite them…unfortunately.) I have to say that they are very cute, and they make a very nice couple (not that I have seen many around) but I swear that I am telling the truth!!!!

So, my dad is from Australia (where I am living now), and my mum is from Italy. It’s so crazy how they met! ON THE INTERNET! That big grey thing with an apple on the front worked again! They met on something they call Instagram. (i have to confess, that i’ve tried to find my perfect half on that thing too, but i can’t understand and unfortunately I can’t type. STUPID HUMANS!) and from there, it just went even crazier! My daddy packed his things and went to Italy for two weeks to meet this mysterious pizza girl that he has never seen before except for some video calls before!

They always talk about it with a lot of happiness. I have heard this story so many times that I could write a book about it! So after daddy went to Pizzaland for two weeks he decided to stay for an another week, because he liked mummy so much (he still does, of course!!!!) but unfortunately the days flew away so fast and daddy had to come back home. This is so sad! They both were so sad and sad, and sad again: they had to see eachother as soon as possible! But as you can imagine, it is not an everyday thing to fly across the whole world just to have breakfast together, because at the end it is all they wanted: to be together. SO! My daddy decided a couple of weeks later to buy another ticket and fly back to Italy (what a crazy human!) for three weeks, helping my mum to study for her exams, to give her support and comfort, and it really helped, because for some mystical reasons, mum passed the exams! hahaha. So after that she was FREEEEEE !! FREEEEE!!!! So you obviously know that the day after she was on a plane with destination AUSTRAAAALIAAAA! for three months. CRAZY HUMAN (repeat). They promised themselves they will never be away from eachother again, and never split our little family up (I guess this is why they both have tattooed “forever together”… i am just guessing, obviously…..i am just a rat, remember) so after the three months, they came back to PizzaPastaGelatoLand for Christmas, and after that once again back to Australia! This is fucke** INSANE!!!! (mummy and daddy please forgive me for my terrible language, but is the only way to describe how much crazy all of this is!!!!! SORRYYYYYY :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ *little sad cutie eyes* ) And yeah one day, after their anniversary holiday, they went to a pet shop and adopted a little sexy, attractive, charming, clever smart good smelling male rat: ME! Now it is nearly time to go back to Italy and finally I will have the amazing chance to fly with them (not properly with them, on a special plane for me…) and move all our little family across the world! CRAZY AGAIN! and this time i am involved in their craziness! GOD HELP ME!!!! They will get married in Finland in January and then move there. OF COURSE, IT IS OBVIOUS TO SAY THAT I WILL BE THERE, and of course i will keep you up to date on this cute thing here, to let everyone know whats going on!

Can you believe that a little ratty like me will travel across the whole world, from Australia, to Italy, then to Finland… so exciting.

Oh, keep on eye here to see the ratty-updates for the preparation for my flight and big adventure, etc. etc. SQUIIIIT!  :)))))

Hello Everyone!


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Hi everyone, my name is Basil. (I apologise here for my English skills, I am still learning the human communication system.)

Now all of you are probably wondering “why a blog about a rat?” … well, you will find out by just reading it! 🙂

I would like to first of all introduce myself, I was born I DONT KNOW WHERE (i know, it is sad but true!!) and then i’ve been for a very long time in a petshop in Tuggerah (Australia). I used to be in a cute cage with other my friends and brothers but every day some big strange blurry smelly creature took them away from me, and since then, i never saw just one of them again. I was so scared inside, but i was trying to look nice to the eyes of these creature called “humans”, but apparently it was not enough. Everyday a big number of people stopped at my cage, looked at me, someone laughed at me, or looked at me disgusted..someone thought i was cute, but at the end of the days i was still there.

I don’t know why so many people look at me with a disgusted face, i didn’t do anything wrong… i am just eating my food in my little house 😦 

(Just after a very long time, i realised that i am a pet rat. One of the most “disgusting creatures ever”. Well, Honestly, you all hate me, but i don’t know what i am, and i did not choooose to born a ratty, so please respect me as much as every animal around you.! )

Anyway, i remember was february 2014, a saturday. A two big strange humans stopped at my house for a very long time, but i did not gave them attentions.             After couple of minutes, they were still there, and one of the girls of the shop opened my cage and grabbed me. JESUS KNOWS JUST HOW SCARED I WAS.. i think i peed mysel….i mean, nothing happend…… :$$$$$ and she put me in the hands of one of this two humans. It was a very weird feeling, it was warm, confortable and, for the first time i felt safe; so i decided to stay in her hands, without trying to run away.

I’ll put then a pictures of me with them, they are very cute! 😉 

They finally decided to give me a new home! Holy S***, i was so excit…whoops, i am not allowed to use these words. SORRY!! 

Anyway, at the shop, they didnt had any rat cages (……) so they made some holes in a nice box and put me inside. I heard them running around for this big shopping centre for going to buy me a new house, food and toys, but i wanted to see what is life outside the pet shop, but they were so scared that i was going to run away!” Why? haha i mean i am super excited to be here with you guys, why would i run away? pff” Stupid people hahaha.

They run from the petshop to another petshop but they did not have any houses “good enough” for me, and that was for the other next 2 shops, until they received a call from my old shop, where they finally had a house for me. WHY NOW?  i was start to feel a bit tired, and scared.

We arrived to the new home, and finally they made my new cage so nice warm and comfy for me, with toys water and a lot of food! that was like Heaven, guys trust me! 😉 i slept for the whoooole night.

A couple of weeks later i started to feel a bit sick, but i was not sure of what it was for sure, but my new mommy and daddy searched on that big thing with an apple draw in the front, i think they call it computer, or something like that. My mum was so scared, so they took me to a horrible place, where a big smelly old man grabbed me and i dont know what happened. He told my mum and dad that i was fine, but i was noooot, stupid idiot! 😦 After a week i was worst and worst, so they took me to an another vet, even worst of the first one, with same result: “NOTHING IS WRONG WITH HIM, MAYBE IS A BIT SCARED” ….. i am sure if i was a dog, they will probably made everything to know what was wrong, but once again, i am a rat. 

My mum and dad start to be so worried and, one day, i felt so sick, guys trust me, it was the worst thing ever happened to me! is nothing like a broken nail, o a foot into some poo… it was terrible. I cannot breathe, so i was trying to find some air, standing up with my feet, but i did not made it, and i fainted, and fell from the bed. My parents were there to helping me, giving me water and rubbing gently my body, and then we ran to the special animal hospital, where they gave me some Hoxigen. that was cool!

Finally someone finded out that i have a respiratory infection. I needed to nearly die to find out what the hell was wrong with me. Pff.

Since then, everyday, twice a day i am taking a special medication, in a delicious strawberry milk, just for me, in my little bowl! Honestly? I LOVE IT! Everyday, same hours, i am ready, waiting in front of my door for my gnammy medicine! 😀

Ok, for now is enough, oh yes, the pictures.. yes yes…i’ll do it, don’t worry!